Speaking to pastor’s wives about identity, friendships and expectations

Topics most requested:

 1.  Shattering Expectations – How to handle the expectations we face in every area of our lives?

           a. What does it mean to be a pastor’s wife?

           b. What does it look like to carry out this role?

           c. How do I effectively do my job, be a mom, and manage all the expectations placed on me?


2.  Building meaningful relationships –  How to build lasting, significant relationships with other women?

            a. Friendships within the church and within the community

            b. Asking the right questions

            c. Commitments and expectations


3.  Boundaries in ministry – How to I keep a balance in my family, work, church and community?

            a. Who gets first place?

            b. What do I do when my life is out of balance?

            c. Saying no is OK

4.  Identity and ministry – How do I keep my own identity within the role of pastor’s wife?

            a. Who am I?

            b. What is my role?

            c. What is my ministry?