Speaking to women about identity, friendships and expectations

Topics most requested:

 1.  Shattering Expectations – How to handle the expectations we face in every area of our lives?

           a. What does it mean to be a woman in our culture?

           b. What does it look like to carry out our roles?

           c. How do I effectively do my job, be a mom, and manage all the expectations placed on me?


2.  Building meaningful relationships –  How to build lasting, significant relationships with other women?

            a. Friendships within the church and within the community

            b. Asking the right questions

            c. Commitments and expectations


3.  Boundaries – How do I keep a balance in my family, work, church and community?

            a. Who gets first place?

            b. What do I do when my life is out of balance?

            c. Saying no is OK

4.  Identity – How do I keep my own identity within the role I have?

            a. Who am I?

            b. What is my role?

            c. What is my ministry?