Ruth Ebbinhaus, Colorado

“My friend, Beverly Kimball, has been a part of our family’s life for a very long time. It started many years ago as she was both our youth pastor’s wife while our kids were part of the youth group, as well as their teacher in the Christian school. They both blossomed under her tutelage and it was always evident that she cared beyond the classroom. We are thankful for her input in our lives.”

Beth Taphouse, Michigan

“Beverly had a great impact, showing leadership in every aspect of our church family. From worshipping, participating in bible studies, overseeing women’s programs to cooking at church camp. Beverly is always up beat and positive even when all is not going as planned. Wonderful, Godly lady!”

Sherrie Herter, Missouri

“I was blessed to be able to worship and serve the Lord with Beverly at the Wesleyan Church in Warrenton, Missouri. She truly has a love for God and a love for people. My daughter was also blessed to have her as a teacher and a youth leader. ”

Jackie Tomlinson, Michigan

“I think Beverly is a wonderful woman of God, a great mother (since I watched her children I can say that because I know it to be fact), a great upstanding Pastor’s wife, a wonderful friend, a great leader of women’s groups, a kind humble woman, LOVING, and upstanding to others, a great listener, and just an awesome Godly woman in my life. The thing that stands out the most is how humble she is and how material things aren’t important to her. It was more about living for God, her family and love for others. I always held her in high regard as a true woman of God.”


Pam Coffey, Michigan

“Beverly was a great inspiration and encouragement to me as my pastor’s wife. Our families were great friends and I admired her devotion to God, her husband and her children. Bev’s support of her husband encouraged me greatly. Their teamwork in ministry and in family life inspired me in my own marriage and family. She is wonderful example of a woman who serves the Lord with a joyful heart, wherever He may lead her.”