3 Things I Lived in Fear Of


This word has been brought to the forefront of my spiritual walk this last week.  Enjoying worship this past week, one of the songs that was highlighted was “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music.  One of the lines in that song hit me hard.  I could not sing it.  I could not bring myself to acknowledge before my God that I was “No longer a slave to fear.”  I know that I am a child of God but I still hold back.  I am not as free with my faith as He calls me to be, I don’t always do what He asks of me or follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in daily decision because I am afraid.

What am I afraid of?

I think it boils down to three things:

  1. I am afraid of what people think. I haven’t been willing to be rejected, talked about, or even looked down on because of my faith.
  2. I am afraid I will fail. I don’t feel smart enough, strong enough or good enough to accomplish what He asks.
  3. I am afraid I am not worthy. Why would the God of the universe want to use me?

So, how do I overcome fear and live a life that can sing “I am no longer a slave to fear.”

I need to have a bigger picture of God.

I need to know His immeasurable love for me. His love is not dependent on my accomplishments or my abilities, He just loves me!

I need to know that God never wants me to fail and promised to walk with me through every path He leads me on.

I need to know that my life is not lived to impress or be approved by the people around me but that my value comes from who my Father is.


As I worshiped, prayed and cried this last week, I am learning more and more how to take the bondage of fear off and live my life in the freedom Christ offers.  It will be a journey, but I am excited to be on it.  Continuing to grow in my faith and free myself of my fears.

Yesterday my husband gave me the bracelet in the picture.  I will wear it every day as I continue to learn that “I will fear NO evil for Thou art with me!” Psalms 23:4

Psalms 23:4
No longer a slave to fear