Genuine (Fair Week) – Rabbits can teach us a lesson

This week in Saginaw County, Michigan it is fair time!  I have enjoyed going to the fair since I was a little girl.  My dad always took us to the tractor pulls, horse pulls and of course, the rides.  I entered some crafts in the 4-H program as a child and my children did the same thing.  But with my kids, we had rabbits to show every year.  My husband and I became involved with the rabbit barn and have worked at it for several years.  My children are all done with the 4-H program and have moved on to college but we still work and enjoy the fair.

Today was the rabbit show and the word that came to mind for today was genuine.  One of the classes that was to be judged was the lionhead rabbits.  When the entries all came up, the judge asked me if he was supposed to judge them based on the standards?  I told him yes.  Well, all of them would have been disqualified.  None of them fit into the category of purebred lionhead.  They were not genuine.  We told the students that we would look at them but that the judging would not be based on the book standards.  More like a pet class.  Each entry learned why their rabbit did not fit into this category and what to look for next time.  The judge was great with the 4-Her’s and they had a great discussion.

That leads me to my life as a Christian.  If I am going to say that I fit into that category, as people look at me, do they see the standards that make me genuine.  I am not talking about the mistakes I may make but my heart attitude.  Am I truly portraying the heart and mind of Christ as I carry His name with me.

My prayer is that people see me as a genuine Christian that is getting closer to my Savior every day.  Am I learning, growing and sharing the love of Christ with those I come in contact with?  I want people to see me as someone who has a heart of compassion, gratitude, generosity and love.  I want to share the incredible love I know the Father has for me, to the world around me.  Are you living as a genuine Christian or just entering the category by name only?