Leading Ladies

I have been struggling with how to write this blog for a while now.  I want you to know that I have nothing against women in leadership, women pastor’s and women teaching men.  However, I do have something against some of the attitudes our women leaders have.  As I have studied the bible and looked at women leaders there, they never demanded followers.  They did not expect respect as a leader because they were a woman.  They just did what God asked them to do and people took notice.  Deborah was not up in leadership because she was a woman but because she was just and righteous.  God put her in position, she did not put herself there.  She was strong, courageous and bold but knew who was really in control.

Men could not demand to be a leader either.  No one will willingly follow someone just because they say they are a leader.  They must display leadership, show respect to everyone and be just.  I know many wonderful women who are teaching classes, preaching sermons and serving in the ministry.  Those women are not talking about their right to be a leader, they are just leading and people take notice.

The women’s movement in America is creeping into the church.  Who of us has any right to lead or be in control?  What rights does Christ say that we have?  Our command is to follow Him, serve Him and obey what he calls us to do.  He will do the rest.  If you, as a woman, are called by God to lead (just as any man called by God to lead), you must still take up your cross daily and follow Him.  People will notice your God given abilities, you do not need to point them out.  Leaders that demand a following are missing the point.  We are called to lead people to follow Christ, not ourselves.

It is hard to follow someone who is tooting their own horn, someone who says I need to follow them because of their gender, whether male or female, or someone who demands my respect instead of earning it.  Please, follow that path that God has laid before you but do it in a way that leads people to Christ.  It will help all of us see each other’s strengths and come along side each other to reach the world for Christ.

I also realize that some women’s “demand” for leadership is a way for them to hide the insecurity they feel in being qualified to do what God has called them to do.  If this is the case for you, remember whose you are!  God never asked us to do anything by ourselves.  We have the all powerful, all knowing God with us and in us.  He can do more than we can imagine through us if we allow it to flow.  Don’t force it but let God use the abilities, personalities and experiences of your life to bring more people to Him.  He is more than enough.