Time with my best friend

This past weekend I attended a conference and was challenged to do a creative writing exercise.  I am a math teacher, which means I am a very logical, orderly thinker, so this was definitely a challenge for me.  So here it is.  Let me know your thoughts.

Being with a close friend is like a warm hug from a grandmother who smells of peppermint and cookies.  That feeling of comfort, peace and acceptance flow from the time I talk with my best friend.  He takes the time to listen as patiently as a mother listening to her three year olds questions over and over again. He waits for me to spill out my heart and to become still, quiet and ready to listen to His remedies for my struggles, sorrows and dreams.  When I take time to listen to my friend, he pours out his love for me.  Never making me feel like a wadded up, dirty dollar bill in the bottom of a farmer’s pocket but rather, like a crisp, clean, one hundred dollar bill hot off the press.  Clean, new and ready for my day.  I desire to spend my day on his ideas and plans.  My morning with my friend help me prepare and feel ready for my day.  Do you have a friend like Jesus?